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Walking Plays at The Morton Arboretum

Story jam


The Brothers grimm woodland tales

2019 Dates Coming soon!

The Brothers Grimm emerge from past to tell their favorite stories in fast-paced, interactive and hilarious fashion. Using only the suitcases they arrive with, their wit and a little help from the crowd, classics come to life among the trees. These plays are suitable for all ages. The Brothers Grimm are sure to inspire the next generation of storytellers and writers, by highlighting the importance of oral tradition and its connection to modern entertainment. These stories also magnify the many woodland settings and connections to nature in their tales. Join this energetic, silly, smart duo as they lead you on an unforgettable adventure!


The Grimmest of ghost tales

2019 Dates Coming Soon!

The Brothers Grimm return to the woods to delve deeper into the darker side of some of their classic tales. Many of their collection of stories were changed over the years to bring a "happy ending" to the characters. However, with the falling leaves and cooler, spookier days of autumn on the horizon, the Brothers give in to the season and bring to life some of the scarier versions of their tales. As always, The Brothers Grimm fast-paced, interactive style is sure to delight, but in these tellings they will also fright!