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Story Jam Plays + Musicals

All of our plays and musicals are based on the classic source material. The mission of these productions is to inspire the next generation of story tellers. The stories pay homage to the originals, while told in an interactive, fast-paced, funny, modern style. All shows require ZERO set up, amplification or technical needs. This minimalist approach lends to ease of set-up for venues, while encouraging young story tellers to create using the most limited of resources and their imagination. Improvisation sections encourage critical thinking and engagement.


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Rated G: All Ages
Length: 45-55 minutes approx.
Specifications: 3 Person Cast
Price: $700

Stories include: The Princess and the Pea, The Nightingale, The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid

Very mild scary content, mentions of death, kidnapping; mentions of death; scary content is presented in a very light, comical way



Rated G: All Ages
Length: 45-55 minutes (each show)
Specifications: 2 Person Cast
Price: $700

In these fast-paced, interactive plays, the Brothers Grimm are magically transported to your venue to tell some of their most beloved tales. In Part I, the brothers bring to life Hansel and Gretel, The Fisherman and His Wife, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. In Part II, the brothers tell the tales of Cinderella, Rumplestiltzkin, The Brave Little Tailor and The Breman Town Musicians. Along the way, the audience learns about oral tradition, styles of storytelling and how to create a world of characters using only imagination and their immediate surroundings. Parts I and II can be performed separately or together as a two-act play.



Rated PG: Ages 10+
Length: 45-55 minutes
Specifications: 3 Person Cast
Price: $700

Stories include Cinderella, Bluebeard, Clever Hans, Audience-led legends, The Juniper Tree

Scary content, mentions of blood and death, slightly elevated content regarding feminist points of view; scary content is presented in a mostly comic way


Rated G: All Ages
Length: Approx. 60 minutes
Specifications: 5 Person Cast- MUSICAL
Price: $700

Stories include: Adaptation of Carol’s Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There

Extremely mild scary content, set in WWI but no mention of war-related topics


Rated PG: 10+
Length: Approx. 60 minutes
Specifications: 5 Person Cast
Price: $700

Stories Include: A new time-period mixed, modern take on the Conan Doyle characters; similar to Hamilton in terms of costuming and inclusive casting, with women and or non-binary actors playing Holmes, Watson and Moriarty. Based on Scandal in Bohemia; A PR scandal arises when it is discovered that Holmes and Watson are not men. While they escape the public eye, they find themselves involved in solving a blackmail scandal with a notorious Rockstar and his pious fiancé. With the help of Inspector Lestrade, they work the mystery and tell the tale of their own interesting past as women who have risen above their stations

Mild mature content including mentions of women of a certain “profession” though never spelled out exactly, mild violence, mentions of death, scary content


To book or for more information:

Lara Filip
ArranmoreArts | Managing Artistic Director