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They see no obstacles and naturally see the art in everything. They live inspired as a rule. Our InspirEd workshops or “Jams” give children a chance to be creative and interact with professional artists in unique and inspiring settings.


Each of our programs are highly individualized, multi- layered and honor the multiple intelligences of every child. These unique experiences are designed to promote problem solving skills, analytical reasoning, knowledge assimilation and critical thinking skills.


StoryJam ·  ArtJam · SongJam

A "jam session" in music refers to a group of people, coming together for a shared artistic experience. The experience frees them, pushes them to interact in a spontaneous way and learn from one another. This is the spirit of our InspirEd "Jam" series. 


StoryJam's are fast-paced, interactive plays and musicals based on literary and historical figures such as Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm and Johnny Appleseed. 

Every TV show, movie and play can be traced back to the roots of oral tradition. People sat around a fire and told stories through participation and song, with members of the group each playing a role. These stories passed from generation to generation and were eventually written down. StoryJam helps inspire the next generation of storytellers. Click below to learn more about these family theatre productions. 



ArtJam is a three-hour, super-fun arts intensive, that gives kids ages 8-14 and their parents a sample of the InspirEd experience in the schools. Kids will rotate with all three professional artists in the areas of music, dance and fine art to learn a new skill. Some areas include: Music with Your Mouth, Creative Movement and Art for the Masses. 


SongJam will be a brand new offering, several years in the making. ArranmoreArts has had a long-standing relationship with Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Justin Roberts. His albums are some of the most innovative and popular in the children's pop/rock category, as indicated by his two consecutive Grammy nods. Justin, along with his producer, acclaimed Chicago musician, Liam Davis will offer 90-minute songwriting workshops for children. We will offer sessions for elementary, junior high and high school ages. Music has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts with the popularity of singing competitions and televised music events. Our hope is to bring children back to the basics of sharing their emotions and thoughts through music. This is a transformative experience where children are able to actualize personal experience and emotion into a tangible piece of art that they can feel proud of creating together. This can propel them to be more inspired in every area of their lives. SongJam can hold 20 children per session.