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InspirEd StoryJam

theatre for young audiences


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Grade Levels: K-5th Grade
Length: 45-50 minutes
Specifications: 3 Actors, Minimal space needs, no technical requirements

Kids and adults alike will be swept away on a journey around the globe, full of music, dancing and laughter! Beloved storyteller, Hans Christian Andersen and his traveling companions bring to life three classic tales: The Princess and the Pea, The Nightingale and The Ugly Duckling.



Grade Levels: K-5th Grade
Length: 45-50 minutes each show
Specifications: 2 Actors, Minimal space needs, no technical requirements

In these fast-paced, interactive plays, the Brothers Grimm are magically transported to your venue to tell some of their most beloved tales. In Part I, the brothers bring to life Hansel and Gretel, The Fisherman and His Wife, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. In Part II, the brothers tell the tales of Cinderella, Rumplestiltzkin, The Brave Little Tailor and The Breman Town Musicians. Along the way, the audience learns about oral tradition, styles of storytelling and how to create a world of characters using only imagination and their immediate surroundings. Parts I and II can be performed separately or together as a two-act play.